Juanita Weasel – a meme in the making?

One of my favourite bloggers, Jenny Lawson – aka The Bloggess – has a penchant for taxidermied animals, and despite the vociferous objections of her long-suffering husband, Victor, she owns several, one of which helped her to raise over $42,000 for families in need. The latest addition to her inanimate menagerie is Juanita Weasel, a… weasel:

The original Juanita Weasel.

The original Juanita Weasel, ripe for the captioning. She lives in the art niche. Seriously.

And in her blog post, Jenny took many, many pictures of Juanita, and captioned them, sometimes along with her other animals. Wil Wheaton even asked for a “KHAAAAAAAN!” variation of the above pose, and Jenny duly obliged:

The Bloggess has Juanita re-create William Shatner's iconic "KHAAAAN!" moment, just for Wil Wheaton.

Wil loved it.

And then Jenny very kindly made the picture available, so others could add to the Juanita meme – and if you click the “Juanita Weasel” link above, you’ll get to see several…

The point of this odd blog post? Well, here are mine… This one was the first thought I had, when I saw Juanita in that pose:

Juanita as Mariah Carey.

Juanita as Mariah Carey. Sing it, sister!

Of course, I couldn’t do that one without another version based on another meme: Valentina Hasan, the Bulgarian Idol singer who mangled the song. So here’s her version:

Juanita as Valentina Hasan. God, Juanita's versatile.

Juanita as Valentina Hasan. God, Juanita's versatile.

And finally… in tribute to Wil Wheaton himself, and I’m hoping that this hasn’t been done to death already, Juanita re-creating a certain moment from The Big Bang Theory:

Evil Wil Wheaton, you even cause trouble for weasels. For shame.

Evil Wil Wheaton, you even cause trouble for weasels. For shame.

Jenny, you’re awesome – especially when you let us do silly stuff like this!

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  • http://www.theboldblend.com Barbara

    I had so much fun with the Juanita DIY meme. Sometimes a stuffed weasel says it better than we can!